About a week ago, Kit's Morning News program first reported the information about a planned end run around the electoral college.  We asked our auditor about it and he hadn't hear of it yet which shows you how under the radar the project has been so far.  

The premise is that a collection of states will all promise to give the totality of their electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular vote, even if   So far 11 states and the District of Columbia say they are in-- including Washington State. Thanks Democrats.

KIT's consultant, businessman and  blogger buddy Tim Bryce, writes about this effort in his latest column.

      "The electoral college devised by our founding fathers is a brilliant way to balance voting between our rural and metropolitan communities. By doing so, candidates are forced to appeal to both groups, not just one. However, the Democrats do not appreciate this (or understand it) as they blame the college for electing Mr. Trump president, and not Mrs. Clinton who won the national popular vote."

So to get around the the electoral college the plan is to sign up enough states to total the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.

   "To overcome this problem in the future, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was created to have a state award its electoral votes to the candidate winning the popular vote in the country, not their own state. Even if the popular vote in the state went to one candidate, they would have to award their electoral votes to possibly another candidate winning the national vote. In other words, you are allowing the country to make the decision for you, not the people of your state. If this sounds unconstitutional, it probably is and will likely be challenged in court."

Check out the rest of Tim's analysis and other columns at  timbryce.com


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