If you still have a little Rock 'N Roll in your soul, than you are going to like this next story.

Once you hit a certain age (not exactly sure what) we tend to turn our energies inward from going to concert events to taking up more meditative activities such as yoga.  --Turn in your ROCK card and kindly pick up your Fuddy-Duddy card on your way out.  Well, don't do it!

It turns out going to a live concert does more to lift your spirits than doing yoga. Researchers had volunteers wear heart rate monitors and sent some to a live concert, others to a yoga session, and others to walk their dog. Psychometric tests carried out before and after the activities shows those who attended the concert for 20-minutes had a higher level of "wellness" than the other participants.

University of London researchers say those who attended the show had a mood boost of 21 percent, while those who did yoga saw a 10 percent increase, and those who walked their dogs saw a seven percent increase. That is a significant difference.

Previous research has linked high levels of well being with a lifespan increase, so going to a concert a week could potentially lengthen your life ten years.  With one of the nation's premiere venues just next door at the Gorge at George, Wa. , there's no real reason not to boost your wellness mood and attend a few of this summers shows like the Sasquatch Festival, Paradiso Festival, Kings of Leon, Dead & Company, Phish, Watershed Festival, Rebelution and the Dave Matthews Band. (The Sun)

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