It's looking more and more like there won't be much in the way of money for the border wall in this budget cycle. The president seemed (seemed -- as in past tense) willing to fight for it, but his fellow Republicans don't have the will, so they aren't willing to go all the way.

To some, that means it's time to start a grassroots effort for like-minded Americans to chip in and help privately fund the wall. Brian Kolfage is a disabled military veteran and a Purple Heart medal recipient who has started a GoFundMe  campaign to raise money for the border wall. Kolfage says he hopes by funding a portion of the wall, it "will jump-start things and will be less money Trump has to secure from our politicians."

Wednesday afternoon the Joe Pags radio show reported that the page has generated $1.2 million in just a couple of days. But a billion is a long way to go.

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