House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week his chamber does not have the votes yet to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership and also said lawmakers have a long list of issues regarding the TPP, which was signed last week in New Zealand. Currently, the trade agreement faces opposition from a majority of Democrats on Capitol Hill and presidential candidates in both parties. Some are pressing the White House to make changes to the deal to ensure passage. However, congressional leaders still don’t expect a vote until after the November Elections. Congress can only pass or fail the agreement under the terms set by Trade Promotion Authority which was passed by Congress last year.

A new report by Rabobank says the world must increase its usable water supply and effectively manage water demand. The report "Agricultural Water - Free Flowing Markets Sustain Growth" focuses significant attention on water markets. Rabobank calls water markets an effective tool for delivering water where it is most valued. According to the research, markets are an important part of ensuring that the proper allocation of water can occur. In North America, the report focuses on California, the Colorado River Basin and the Ogallala Aquifer.