A recent Gallup Poll shows 52% of Democrats rarely or never go to church...and the same could be said of  38% of Republicans.  So another survey saying most Americans believe the President needs strong religious convictions might seem a little contradictory...decide for yourself.A survey out yesterday (November 8th) from the Public Religion Research Institute found that two-thirds of American voters believe it's important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs, even if those beliefs are different from their own.

Only 20 percent of Americans said they'd object to a candidate whose beliefs were different from their own, but when asked about specific faiths:

  • 29 percent said they'd be uncomfortable with an evangelical Christian
  • 53 percent would be uncomfortable with a Mormon (which is leading Republican candidate Mitt Romney's religion)
  • 64 percent would be uncomfortable with a Muslim
  • 67 percent would be uncomfortable with an atheist