Happy Valentine's Day -- the day set aside to celebrate lov...um.. er takeout?

Leave it to the Brits. Maybe the stereotype is real -- you know, the idea that they are uptight, reserved, emotionless? But a Valentine' Day preference poll seems to reinforce that image, at least for British women!

Both men and women responded that they would like to dine out as their first choice for celebration, but a report in The Sun showing the results of a national poll of 2,000 adults found that eating takeout with a bottle of wine and good conversation with heir partner was a preferred second choice for the women. For men it was sex.

Do you see the conflict forming here?

Polling experts say the takeaway on takeout is simple.  If you want to impress your date this Valentine’s Day, this survey proves you don’t need to be flashy. Cheerio!

Women’s top five

  1. Meal in a restaurant
  2. Takeaway and a bottle of wine
  3. A good conversation
  4. Sex with partner
  5. Reading a book

Men’s top five:

  1. Meal in a restaurant
  2. Sex with partner
  3. A drink in the local pub
  4. Takeaway and a bottle of wine
  5. Watching sports on TV

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