The clock is ticking on Valentine's Day.  For some people it is THE holiday that either confirms or questions the depth of their partner's love based on what they do for them on Valentine's Day.  (don't be one of those people!)

For others, the day is more about a demonstration rather than a presentation.  Either way, there is probably a couple of bucks involved?

A survey from Bankrate found men will spend an average of $339 on their partner's this year, while women will spend just $64.  What did the Bee Gees sing? "How deep is your love?"

Does that disparity signal anything of significance?  Stay tuned.

The interesting thing here is that men and their checkbooks are going well above and beyond what their partners expect.  The survey indicates that women only expect their partner to spend an average of $154 on their gifts.  So fellas, we are spending twice as much as she expects! Do what you will with that bit of information. (Cha-Ching)

On the other hand ladies, while you'll spend on average $64 on your man, he is thinking, expecting, wishing you would shell out an average of $211.  Ladies, you are spending less than half of what he expects. Do what you will with that bit of information!

So why is this? ​Experts aren't sure what causes this big difference between the sexes, but suspect it might be due to societal views of masculinity as well as wage differences between women and men.


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