"Back in the Day", before social media and texting, Valentine's Day wasn't nearly as complicated.  Sure, there is always the question of "will she be your Valentine" but back then, outside of a phone call, (who calls anymore?) there was no means of an instant contact with an Ex or "former Valentine"

Today, Valentine's Day can come with the extra pressure of - is it ok to text or facebook, your ex on arguably the most romantic holiday of the year?
Relationship experts say to think carefully before sending any messages and if you're debating texting an ex you should seriously examine your motivations.
How many disaster stories do we all know of texts that were sent without sufficient forethought?  How many relationships have been damaged or blown up by a "simple text?"
An article in Elite Daily advises talking out unresolved feelings with a friend first. Ultimately, considering the dynamic you have with your ex as your guide.



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