**The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has rejected a formal investigation against Mexico for unfair trade practices involving fresh fruits and vegetables.

www.morningagclips.com reports, this action comes after a Florida delegation-led petition asking for an investigation under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act.

Florida Farm Bureau President Jeb Smith says the decision is at odds with market impacts, but we are grateful to USTR for her commitment to help our family farms.


**Sales of corn to overseas buyers jumped week-to-week, while wheat sales declined during the week ending on October 13.

USDA data says corn sales hit 408,300 metric tons, more than double the 200,000 tons sold a week earlier.

Mexico was the big buyer at 183,700 metric tons.

Wheat sales dropped to 163,100 metric tons, down from almost 212,000 the previous week.

Mexico was also the top wheat buyer.

**New Zealand is the latest country to tax cow burps.

Farmers recently gathered in towns and cities across the country to protest against the government’s plan to tax “agricultural emissions.”

Reuters says the government confirmed plans to price agricultural gases and biogenic methane, which it says come from cow and sheep burps.

Farm groups worry about how the emissions will be priced and how the program will be governed.

The government wants to work with producers to find a solution.

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