USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack attributes the announcement by Mexico that the nation will lift its ban on poultry from 14 states “a result of USDA’s close communications with Mexico to reduce trade restrictions.” The trade restrictions were related to highly pathogenic avian influenza. Mexico is continuing to ban the import of poultry from Indiana. In 2015, despite the outbreak, U.S. poultry product exports reached $4.6 billion. Vilsack says Mexico has been the largest market for U.S. poultry products since 2010.

Farmers in Canada will plant more pulse crops this year as strong demand from India is swaying farmers planting decisions. An industry poll by Reuters found Canadian farmers intend to plant more peas and lentils than ever before as back-to-back drought in India has boosted prices and demand for the pulse crops. Pulses amount for a fraction of Canada's planted area compared to wheat and canola, the country's largest crops. India is the world's largest importer of edible oils and pulses which are an important protein source in the Indian diet.

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