Yakima Police say two people have been arrested in connection with an attempted carjacking in West Yakima on Tuesday night. Police spokesman Mike Bastinelli says the victim, a woman from Yakima was driving near the intersection of North 53rd Avenue and Englewood at about 8:00 p.m. when she stopped behind a van at the stop sign at Englewood. "A guy got out of passenger side of the van and went to the drivers side and demanded she get out of her vehicle. She did not. He didn't show a weapon but indicated he had a gun by reaching toward his pocket."
Bastinelli says just as the man was reaching in his pocket another car drove up and the man ran and jumped into the van and took off. The woman was not injured. Police stopped the van at the Fred Meyer store on 40th Avenue. The 29-year-old suspect, Timothy Dowd of Spokane jumped from the van and ran off but was eventually taken into custody. A woman driving the van was arrested as well. The two face charges of first degree robbery and attempted theft of a motor vehicle among other charges. Both are being held in the Yakima county jail.

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