OLYMPIA  (AP) — A trial for two men accused of assaulting an Olympia police officer in an incident in which the men were shot has begun.

The Olympian reports attorneys gave opening statements Wednesday the trial of Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson.

The men are charged with assaulting officer Ryan Donald in May 2015 when he encountered them in responding to a call that two men carrying skateboards tried to steal beer from a grocery store.

Donald reported he was assaulted with a skateboard before the shooting and his attorneys on Wednesday say he shot Chaplin and Thompson in self-defense.

Thompson's attorney Sunni Ko said Wednesday she will use expert witnesses to attempt to poke holes in Donald's story, describing Donald as a "green police officer who lost control of his emotions."

Prosecutors have declined to criminally charge Donald.

The half-brothers are black, and the officer is white.

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