In your collective Christmas faces Coronavirus!!!!  As reported yesterday, Americans plan to spend as much or more than last Christmas season as a way to psychologically push back against a miserable 2020 and as Fox News is reporting, that includes splurging on a real tree.

People are not only big into getting real Christmas trees this year, but also going to actual Christmas tree farms to choose their trees which the medical community contends makes sense, as cutting down your own tree as an outdoor activity and therefore considered safer than any indoor activity during the pandemic.
Workers at tree farms are reporting seeing more and more first-time real Christmas tree buyers, and also say they’re seeing many keeping true to their traditions and bringing their family out to choose and cut down their usual tree.
The National Christmas Tree Association says sales of real trees are up all over, and they expect 25 to 30 million natural trees to be sold in the U.S. this holiday season.

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