After exhaustive research and hours of interviews, we came up with a list of the Top Five gifts that Dad's would like for Father's Day this year.

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    Grilling Tools

    Father's Day coincides with grilling season. Get Dad some new tongs, grill brushes, or maybe even a new grill. It's #5 on our list. image image
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    A lot of dad's don't drink, but if they do imbibe, a bottle of fine spirits makes a great gift. Just remind Dad to be responsible. image image
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    Dad's love gadgets. Iphones, tablets, gps, e readers, you name it. If it needs batteries or has to be charged through a usb cable, chances are the dad in your life will love it!

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    A Personalized Gift

    If it has his name or initials on it, Dad will think it's great! Be it clothing, desk items, or sports equiptment, you can't go wrong here. And if you can afford it, how about personalized license plates for Dad's new car that you are buying him? image image
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    Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

    A great gift, this allows Dad to have time to actually enjoy the other gifts that he's going to get this year. image image

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