5 Luxurious Yakima Foot Spa Experiences to Try

5 Best Foot Spas in Yakima
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This is your sign to pamper your busted feet with a good foot massage. I saw a story the other day about a country music celeb who bought out an entire foot spa for herself and some of her friends. Oh, what wouldn't I give to have THAT kinda money and that kinda life! It got me to thinking, though, about where the local foot spas are in town. I mean, sure, you can get a pedicure at any nail salon in town but I'm talking about a place that goes the extra mile. I'm talking about the foot spa experience.

I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a pedicure in a salon, let alone a foot spa experience. The one Lainey Wilson was talking about was a "dollar-a-minute" type of place and unfortunately, we don't have one of those here in the Yakima Valley--at least not to my knowledge. You can find all kinds of foot spas in Seattle. Dang, they get all the fun stuff over there!


Sometimes if you're lucky, you can find a Seize the Deal or a Groupon coupon for great foot massages in the Yakima area!

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Here are the TOP 5 Foot Spas in Yakima Valley. Please let me know if there's one you think should be on this list!

1. Serenity Day Spa

303 S 72nd Ave

2. Sole Therapy Medical Day Spa

2400 Racquet Ln

3. Ummelina Day Spa - Yakima Valley

399 E Yakima Ave Suite 183

4. Julep Day Spa

3801 W Nob Hill Blvd

5. Spa Pureza

118 S 11th Ave

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