Yakima Valley - which way does your glass lean when toasting to good health?  We grow wine grapes and we grow hops and we do it extremely well.  We make world class wines and we flavor the world's beer beer.  Our bounty is the world's tasty pleasure, BUT.
But which beverage is more healthy for you?

We've shared research here a bunch of times that speaks about the health benefits of wine and particularly drinking red wine.

As Time Magazine reports, red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant, which could be the key to its health benefits. So despite some periodic un-supportive research, people generally seem to think red wine is healthy and other alcoholic drinks are not.

But before we crown red wine King, a recent study found that drinking moderate amounts of beer (usually considered one per day for women and two for men) offers the same heart-health benefits as drinking a moderate amount of red wine.

Greek researchers have has been studying the long-term effects of wine and beer on health, discovering wine and beer are more or less equal when it comes to lowering a person's heart disease risk. Other studies suggest some types of beer might even be healthier than red wine.

Still, the idea that any alcoholic beverage is "healthy" is controversial - so drink responsibly!

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