I'm not so old or out of touch that I don't remember the drama of the dating scene and like  a lot of couples I suffered through a few Christmas seasons that weren't so Merry and Bright.  Turns out I'm in some pretty good company!

Attention all ye who are in relationships now! In addition to this being the season of "Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men, it is also the beginning to one of the biggest break up seasons of the year.

There's a blog site that points out the statistics on pre-Christmas and Christmas break-ups, "Some lovers realize that their partner is not someone they would want to introduce to their families and so they break up before the holiday comes.  People think about how to add value to their lives at this period. Sometimes, the best value you can make is setting free your mate who is not adding value to your life."

As miserable as that can be, there are relationships that need to be left in the dust and yet not everybody does. Why? When bad relationships are so unhealthy, why then is it so tempting for so many to stay?  Chalk it up to the "Love Hormone"!

A new study in the journal Hormones and Behavior found it's an excess of oxytocin, that makes people stay. The study determined that participants who felt their significant other was distant and disengaged released more of that chemical compared to partners who felt cared and respected for.   In stead of calling it the love hormone, in this context you might call it "in spite of the static-CLING"! (Women's Health)


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