river dog

The Daily Mail just sent me into a panic! They printed an article on Tinder dating for dogs!  Oh No!  River is just a pup! 10-12 weeks old, and not anywhere ready for a serious relationship!

But then I read a little more carefully and realized its a way for people who love dogs to find each other!

Dig is a Tinder-style app that is meant to help humans find love via their dogs and it's already been activated in  Austin, Atlanta, Miami, and San Francisco, and on the verge in Denver and Dallas by the end of June.

The app's co-founder says it's meant to connect the humans who own the dogs, with the aim of helping dog lovers avoid dates with people who would not accept their pet-- but it's also available to prospective dog owners.

The app even has the ability to suggest dog-appropriate dates for the users, as well as a filter based on the size of the dog.

Well, I'm happily taken so this really doesn't apply to me , but I better not find River on the computer late some night swiping around for my replacement!

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