Anybody can be a political pundit.  Just have an opinion and speak your piece. So here's my piece on Joe Biden rising from the dead.
Joe was never dead in the first place.  Iowa was just too white bread.  New Hampshire too close to Bernie's house.  Nevada too close to crazy California.   So, North Carolina was to be the "true" first test for Joe and with an approving nod from from 27 year incumbent,  79 year old U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn, the "real" race was on.
For all the youthful enthusiasm that propelled Bernie in 2016, the mass of younger voters have failed to materialize.  Why?  Is it because: He's now older? Had a heart attack?  Now a millionaire himself?  We have a clearer understanding of the ills of the socialism he promotes?  Was it is Bernie's praise for the Castros and his admiring take on the Cuban communist experience? Is Bernie more lovable as an underdog to Hillary than to Biden? What's the turn off now?  The National Democrats are still against him and may have helped orchestrate a series of endorsements to nudge reluctant voters his way on Super Tuesday.
Bottom Line to it all:  We are still the USA! USA! USA!   How can we imagine we could ever use the awesome American system to elect a self proclaimed SOCIALIST.  When that happens, we are toast and NOT Avocado Toast either.
In an article in The Patriot Post on-line, Byron York gives 3 reasons why he believes Joe Biden will NOT be president.
1.)  No one who served 15 years in the Senate has ever become president.Biden served for 36. No one who served 30 years in the Senate has ever become president.

York writes, "A long career in the Senate is simply not a foundation for a successful run for the White House. The most recent political figure to realize that was Barack Obama, who was sworn into the Senate in 2005 and two years later was running for the presidency — and to get out of the Senate."

2.) Biden's time as Vice President is a guarantee of nothing.

"Fourteen vice presidents have become president. Of those, eight became president upon the death of the president. Of that group, some were later elected to the White House, but they were running for the office as the sitting president....Only one president has gone from the vice presidency to private life and then to the presidency and that was Richard Nixon.

3) Byron York also describes something called the “14-Year Rule.”

The idea is that "politicians have a strict sell-by date. “No one gets elected president who needs longer than 14 years to get from his or her first run for Governor or Senate victory to the White House."


So check out the Patriot Post for more background and detail in York's article.  And remember, anyone can be a pundit and nobody knows anything for sure!

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