Have you ever been in the mood for something so strongly that you find you simply cannot go on with the rest of your day, until you have it? Me too! It just happened to me today and as a result, I've made a startling discovery:

I have found Cappuccino Shangri-la!

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

Alright, maybe Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters in Downtown Yakima doesn't claim to be cappuccino paradise, but if you ask me, they're right 'up there'. Early in the afternoon, I was in need of a caffeine boost since I get up for work at 4 AM. I knew Mak Daddy was serving curbside and take out and I headed straight there.

Brian Stephenson

Owner, Mark Shervey takes a lot of pride in the work this local company does. Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters has always supported the farmer collective system "that not only ensures fair trade and prices for green beans, but also provides farmers year-round technical and sustainability support, best practices, training in good agronomy practices, as well as in making the best use of their land for future generations."

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

So, what about the beans? "The beans we source come from local Community Lots or Microlots in Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Africa. Just like supporting local business here in Yakima, you will help support local coffee farmers and their families around the world."

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

Mak Daddy is locally owned and operated in the Yakima Valley, which is something I'm always happy to support. They're known for uniquely crafted, single origin coffee roasts. 'Globally Sourced. Yakima Roasted."

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

The smell and sound of freshly roasted coffee being prepared by your favorite barista is always a great way to start your day - or to give yourself an afternoon pickup. They also have quite an extensive offering of food, snacks and sweets to go along with your java.

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

I must admit, I did commit a bit of a faux pas when I ordered a cappuccino in the afternoon. It's something that isn't done in Italy. It's more often enjoyed before or with breakfast. Someone might even toss you an evil eye if you ordered one at 2 PM. Well, I wasn't in Florence - I was in downtown Yakima and this was the best cappuccino I've ever had!

Mak Daddy is located on the corner of N. 1st Street next to Crafted.

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