Monday is the day the Electoral College will do its thing and cast sufficient votes to make Donald Trump the next president of the United States.  When that happens it won’t be because a flurry of activity wasn’t launched to prevent it from happening!  Hollywood, media, democrats and agencies of the White House have all teamed up to shut Trump down.

Kit’s consultant/businessman/blogger buddy Tim Bryce writes about the  War on Trump in his column this week. Here's a portion of that .

“There is a desperate movement to change electoral votes. One electoral voter in Lake Wales, Florida, Kathryn “Kat” Gates-Skipper, a Republican, claims she is being inundated with mail, e-mails, phone messages, even Christmas cards, not to cast her vote for Mr. Trump. It is obvious to her that her background was well researched as most of the correspondence she receives mentions her prior service in the U.S. Marines and veteran affairs. Interestingly, she claims most of the notes are coming from California and were openly from various Democratic organizations. Even the Associated Press reached out to her to ask about her vote. Kat is not alone in this full court press as she claims the two other electoral voters in Polk County are also being swamped with solicitations to change their votes and probably all of the other Florida electorates as well.”

The fact that the country has gone this far off the rails is the VERY REASON Trump was elected in the first place!  Check out Tim's full

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