In case you missed the last time we changed our clocks, the geniuses at Nacho Punk/The Station Maker made an amazing fake movie trailer about what can happens to society when we change our clocks. Well, there is a sequel trailer!!!

Some people (I for one) enjoy the new time frame we deal with in the spring. Sure, we lose an hour of sleep, but for people like me, who usually have to wake up before the sun, it's nice to see it rise the same time I do. Especially after I get used to the time change. Not to mention, longer days, longer adventures. Don't get me wrong, I hate the fact that we're still changing our clocks twice a year. I don't see the point in it anymore. Studies have shown how it's harder on the human body, mind and just life in general. But until the federal government decides to let Washington change it, we're stuck with it, so we might as well be late for everything, or laugh. Thankfully Nacho Punk/The Station Maker helps us with the laughing part. Enjoy "Daylight Saving: Spring Forward"!


Now I know, what you're thinking, sweet, the theaters are open, I can't wait to see this! Well, sadly, like I stated, it's a fake movie, but, I know I'd pay to see this! Looks funny, suspenseful & action packed, some would say it's "timeless"! If you're like many and hate the time change, there still is the Petition to abolish the times of year that we mess with the clocks and give our hard earned money to energizer! Please sign it... please.

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