In 1974 mac Davis told us all we needed to Stop and Smell the Roses.  Good advice then and now.  Taking time out from the daily grind to appreciate beauty and nature and a moment of relaxation is a good thing.

But smelling roses may not just be a daytime benefit.  Science has found the scent of a rose helps learning and memory even while we sleep!

A German research university has discovered students who took an English class with an incense that smelled like roses in the room, and then slept with that same scent in their bedroom that night, had improved memory of their lessons, and their overall learning improved 30 percent.

Thirty percent!  That's a pretty big deal!

As a control, a group that had no access to a scent did not see the increase in learning or memory.

EurekAlert reports the study shows that learning during sleep can be made easier and more effective.  It looks like the information highway to the brain runs through the nose.



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