In case anyone asks this long sunny memorial Day weekend, the answer is Shrooms.  A new survey found that when it comes to recreational drug use in a state that already sanctions marijuana, its magic mushrooms that would appear to be the safest drug.

 USA Today reports that just two tenths of one percent of the nearly 10-thousand admitted mushroom munchers required any emergency medical treatment this past year.  The annual Global Drug Survey of more than 120-thousand people in 50 countries, found that the rates of emergency medical treatment for recreational use of drugs like L-S-D and cocaine were almost five times higher than for psilocybin (sy-lo-sy-bin) hallucinogenic mushrooms.

 Despite the disparity drug experts warn that the so-called magic mushrooms can be risky causing panic attacks and confusion. Might we suggest the only mushrooms for your holiday weekend be the kind you find a freshly grilled steak! 

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