What a week!  The Presidential debate was wild but it already seems like it was so long ago!  Since it's Friday I thought it might be a good idea to review since who knows if there will be a second debate now that the President has tested positive for the Coronavirus and blah, blah, blah....

So first up is a mini-high/low light reel of the event itself compliments of CNBC which called it a vicious first debate.

The moderator was Chris Wallace of Fox News and it's an almost universal opinion that it wasn't his finest hour - which is a polite way of saying he lost control, he was soft on Biden and harsher on Trump and the whole thing was a cluster!

Here he is, whining about the change in his plans that crash landed on him Tuesday night.

While it might have been difficult to actually hear what the candidates were saying as they talked over each other, we could at least watch the body language.  Here's what one "expert" had to say about that.

Finally just for fun, another take on the debate that seemed to ring true for a lot of your fellow Americans!




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