Tens of millions of people around the world are killed or debilitated by a host of mosquito-borne diseases each year—malaria, yellow fever and more.  Americans are at less of a risk but we do have to be concerned about West Nile, Equine Encephalitis and the Zika Virus.  Suffice it to say, preventing mosquito bites is a good idea everywhere.

With spring and wet weather-standing water-mosquito breeding grounds developing just around the corner, here’ some anti-mosquito intel from the folks at AOL.

First the bad news.  Most mosquito repellants are pretty useless. AOL reports researchers studied 11 products that claim to repel mosquitoes, including sprays, wearable devices and a citronella candle.  Nine showed no real effect.

The good news -three products, DEET and lemon eucalyptus sprays actually reduced bites by nearly 60 percent.  The OFF! Clip-on device also was determined to be successful.

Take all that into consideration later this year when you go into “skeeter” country! (AOL)


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