Looking for a unique Northwest adventure for this Spring or Summer?  How about seeking out the region's best speakeasies and secret bars.   Livability-dot-com says such places are growing in popularity, and cities across the country are getting on board.

Livability scoured the country to pinpoint the best of the best secret bars and speakeasies in all 50 states .

Doesn't this sound like fun? " A liquor store freezer opens to reveal a secret stairway to an underground bar. A fake video store requires patrons to answer movie trivia questions to enter a Tarantino-themed speakeasy behind the wall. A broom closet leads to a long hallway which leads to a cozy hideaway with craft brews on tap." 

When creativity flows along with the drinks, good times are in store and these four  watering holes represent the Best in the Northwest as you head out from Yakima..

In Washington State it's Seattle's Bathtub Gin & Co.Seattle’s Bathtub Gin & Co. is tucked away in a sketchy alley like any good speakeasy. Craft cocktail-seekers look for the wooden door in Gin Alley between 1st and 2nd and knock to enter. Housed in a former hotel boiler room, Bathtub Gin & Co. is the perfect cozy hangout to duck out of the Seattle rain and sip on a gin and tonic.

Oregon's contribution to the list is Bend Oregon's Broom Closet.

This tiny speakeasy is pretty difficult to find, but the hunt is half the fun. Enter the door marked “Broom Closet” in the art house of the Old St. Francis School hotel, and from there you will have to keep investigating the walls to find the bar’s entrance.

Heading East (and a little south ) Boise, ID invites you to Tom's Room.

Tom’s Room is touted as Idaho’s first true speakeasy, and it’s so secret that it doesn’t have a website or much internet presence at all. What you need to know: it’s in the back of Tom Grainey’s Sporting Pub behind a hidden door. Another hint: look for the green light and knock twice. Inside, guests are greeted with a “Sherlock Holmes” vibe.

Heading father East? Bozeman, MT is home to the Devil's Toboggan

The name comes from a Prohibition-era poster of a man sledding into hell for drinking, a reminder of a different time when speakeasies housed the law-breakers. Now, you’ll only feel like you’re breaking the law as you open the unmarked door upstairs in the Cannery District building.

If you go, do take plenty of pictures and send them in!  We'll be happy to share!

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