Yesterday, we gave you our Top Five bad celebrity renditions of our National Anthem. Today, we feature celebs that got it right!

  • 5

    Carrie Underwood at the 2010 Superbowl.

    A beautiful rendition. Carrie got it right!

  • 4

    Beyonce - 2002 Superbowl

    She was known as Beyonce Knowles then, coming off of her stint in Destiny's Child. Amazing how much her voice has matured since then. A nice job!

  • 3

    Justin Timberlake - Memphis Grizzlies game.

    JT put his own spin on the anthem, but succeeded, when a lot of artists don't.

  • 2

    Taylor Swift - World Series in Philadelphia

    Taylor did a great job here. She played the guitar nicely.

  • 1

    Whitney Houston - Superbowl

    The Gold Standard.

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