Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell and K-9 Foundation Yakima Valley founder Fern Hart were on KIT's Morning News talking about the "force multiplier" effect of a K-9 unit. The County has two tracker dogs and one "sniffer" dog and the cost and need for support is significant.

The Sheriff says the dogs are able to go places faster and get into smaller spaces easier and better when looking for the bad guys which ultimately helps protect the public, the deputy and even the suspect themselves.  The problem is that for all their good work, K-9's are expensive and the tight County budget doesn't have the money to support the teams.  That's where volunteers like Fern Hart come in.

She and a small group of other like minded dog lovers look to publicize the n

eed for donations and they provide a nonprofit organization to help people who want to give.

The Foundation doesn't do typical fundraising events.  They do have T-Shirts and Hoodies for sale on their website but their main job is to let the public know there is a  safe and secure way to help out local law enforcement.

Ms Hart says with the national defund the police efforts and disrespect shown toward police in many places, now, more than ever, the community needs to show support for our law enforcers.

A donation to the foundation is tax deductible and goes to help with the training, medical needs, housing, food and supplies required to keep the four footed deputies in top shape and on the job of helping make Yakima a safer and more crime free place to live.

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