It was only fitting to have Matthew J. DiLoreto on the KIT Morning News today, the one year anniversary of the announcement of the World Wide Coronavirus pandemic.  DiLoreto is the Vice President for State Government Affairs for the Health Distribution Alliance (HDA).  They are the folks who get the vaccines, medicines and equipment to the states for distribution.



In the HDA's own words, here's what they do.

"Pharmaceutical wholesale distributors are the logistics arm within the healthcare supply chain and are integral in the fight against the pandemic—especially as we look to make sure approved vaccines are stored properly and transported safely and quickly throughout Washington and the rest of the country."

We've had a number of callers wondering how they can find the vaccine and the supply chain is part of the answer.  The healthcare supply chain helps ensure the distribution of medicines and supplies people need every day—now and beyond COVID 19—as the COVID 19 vaccines are making their way to state administering points, including hospitals, pharmacies, long term care facilities, etc.

In essence the HDA is the middleman "The Healthcare Distribution Alliance represents primary pharmaceutical distributors—the vital link between the nation’s pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and others nationwide.

· As the logistics experts of healthcare, distributors connect 180,000 healthcare providers and pharmacies with 1,300 drug manufacturers across the country, streamlining the supply chain to reduce costs and save the nation’s healthcare system time and money.

It's a big job and they need to do it right, before you'll ever get a shot.  However once delivered to the states, it's up the the Governor and healthcare officials in each state to make sure the vaccines get used properly.


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