The happiest place on earth is about to get a little happier and it might mean an opening for Yakima Valley hops producers.

So you're the world's most famous mouse and at the end o the day, what might we find in the glass of your "after-entertaining-millions-all-day-for-work" beverage?

How about a delicious craft beer?

The Daily Mail is reporting that San Diego-based brewery Ballast Point Brewing has announced it will open a restaurant and beer garden in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, California.

The space will sell a range of craft beers and specialty ales created exclusively for Disneyland. The question I have is - Does Ballast Point Brewing have a lock on the beer and ale development -or- is there a window of opportunity for creative Yakima Valley Brew Masters?

I say Yakima needs to represent and show up in Anaheim with a bunch of beers with cool names like Goofy's Grog, Minnie's Skirt, Mickey's Tapped Out or It's a Small Mug Afterall.  You get the idea!

Anyway, the plan is for it to open later this year.

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