The forecast is for a beautiful weekend ahead.  Too bad the Coronavirus pandemic is pushing us to stay home and indoors.  At least that was the "conventional wisdom" initially,  but the statistics are showing most of the Coronavirus infections are coming to people at home and indoors.

Fox News is reporting on a study done by scientists from several Chinese universities considering over 1,200 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Researchers found that outbreaks of three or more cases were largely confined to enclosed spaces, such as home and transportation.
Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb recently tweeted, “Studies suggest [sic] activities held outdoors as temperatures warm pose lower Covid risk than those done in confined indoor spaces. As we re-open, states should look to ease rules to allow more recreational, religious, and business activities to occur outside.
Some Doctors are willing to admit  that  medicine's understanding of Coronavirus transmission is incomplete and rapidly evolving so at this juncture they has concluded that as long as social distancing is maintained, going out for walking or runs is probably still safe.








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