In normal times the phrase "Fog of war" is defined as ( Urban Dictionary ) "The unavoidable aspect of war wherein the intelligence gathered is always incomplete to a degree, thereby making any decisions concerning said war a bit... foggy."

While that certainly applies to the ever evolving "War on the Coronavirus", the "fog of war" also describes the process of using a "cold fog" application of high level disinfectant to fight the virus.

Last week we told you about Yakima's Baxter Construction LLC and the company's generous offer to cold fog hospital grade disinfectant in police & Sheriff;s cars, fire trucks and fire stations for free.  Here's the process in action.
They aren't done and they're not alone in the fight.   Baxter told KIT that the good folks at Bigfoot Electric have stepped up to help underwrite the cost of the procedure private citizens, for you and your car or truck.
Brice Baxter is encouraging you and other first responders to contact them at (509) 359-9597 and they will provide the same service from 2 pm, to 4 pm each day this week 4-6-20  to 4-10-20.
Bryce Baxter was on back on KIT's Morning News today (4/06/20) to extend the offer and to say thanks to to Bigfoot Electric for helping out.


The Baxter Construction company, located at 2521 River Road in Yakima, `

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