Puppy dog eyes! Don't fall for them!!  Too Late!  Our new pup River has them and it allows him to get away with murder!

Mother nature has teamed up with evolution to make sure it's not a wolf coming in your dog door and "wolfing" down that Alpo!
A new study reported in the UK Telegraph finds those irresistible "puppy dog eyes" are a product of evolution and they are indeed intended to manipulate us.
British researchers have discovered that wolves have no comparative muscles around their eyes such as dogs have that allow the family pets to raise their inner eyebrows and PRESTO, emotion generating Puppy Dog Eyes!
Researchers say that when when dogs make the movement, it seems  to cement the connection of dog as man's best friend and naturally we want to look after our "friends".
End result -the dogs are chosen as family pets resulting in those with the best "puppy eye work" are insured to be around to pass along the irresistible genetic trait!

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