I know we are supposed to be in a giving spirit this time of year and most of us are, but could there, should there, be a limit to one's generosity?  Where is the line between the sharing of your advantage and being taken advantage of?

Our friends at the Patriot Post remind us of how much is at stake?

"The following statistics are relayed by Investor’s Business Daily based on information from a Center for Immigration Studies census analysis:

The report found … that 45% of households headed by a noncitizen reported using food programs in 2014. That’s the latest year for which such census data are available. That compares with 21% for U.S. citizens. Half of noncitizen households reported using Medicaid, compared with 23% for citizens. The CIS analysis also found that 31% of noncitizen households got cash benefits, when you include the Earned Income Tax Credit. That compares with 10% for citizen-headed households. Overall, 63% of noncitizen-headed households got some form of welfare benefit in 2014, compared with 35% for citizens.


Noncitizens are also far more likely to be uninsured than either native-born Americans or naturalized citizens -- of the 28.5 million uninsured in 2017, almost 6 million were non-citizens. In other words, while non-citizens comprise only 7% of the U.S. population, they account for 20% of the uninsured.

Consider the implications. Emergency rooms are legally mandated to treat patients where a person’s financial situation and/or citizenship status are considered immaterial. Therefore, “Hospitals pass the costs of unpaid ER bills on to everyone else,” says Investor’s. “Apparently, nobody has tried to calculate just how much noncitizens cost the health care system. But the costs aren’t negligible.”

As Investor’s concludes, “The U.S. is a wealthy and generous nation. Even so, there’s an important question that needs an answer. Is it fair for hardworking Americans to pay billions of dollars in benefits to those who aren’t U.S. citizens, or worse, are here illegally?”

Fair question to ask as thousand march in caravans to our southern door and loud voices on the left demand their entrance




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