I think pets are great.  Heck, I have two adopted cats and two rescued dogs but I never forget they are pets, not people.  Not everybody seems to be able to make that distinction with their own pets!  Some folks refer to their dogs, often little and annoying, as their "fur-babies" and they really lose me there!  But hey, to each their own.

The Honest Paws blog recently decided to compare first year costs across the country of having fur babies and real babies.

Lucky us, Washington ranks near the top in costs for both!  "Puppy pals and babies both require constant attention, keep you up all night, and probably use your favorite throw pillow as a bathroom if you’re not careful. It will also be expensive. With adoption fees, surgeries, vet care, and more, adopting a four-legged friend is a hefty investment. On the other hand, when the stork drops off the cutest little package, he also leaves an astronomical bill for medical care, childcare, and baby gear, to name a few major costs."

How did they determine the costs?  Here's the list:

1. Average adoption fee

2. Average annual vet bill

3. Average spay or neuter fee

4. Average annual food costs

5. Average annual cost of startup supplies

6. Average annual cost of waste bags

7. Average annual cost of toys and treats

8. Average annual dog insurance premiums

9. Average annual cost of a dog walker

10. Average cost of a pet fee, deposit, and annual rent

11. Average heartworm medication costs

12. Average microchip cost

That's a lot!  So how do they add up? Connecticut comes out as the Most Expensive state at $8,854 followed by (as you might imagine) California, new York, Washington DC, Massachusetts and the Washington State at number Six at $8,416.  On the cheap end, Kentucky, Idaho and North Dakota all come in at under 7-grand.

Interestingly enough, it's a much shorter list for real babies but obviously a lot more expensive!

1. Cost of Birth (with insurance)

2. Diapers

3. Food

4. Clothing

5. Baby Gear

6. Healthcare

7. Childcare

The most expensive state to raise a baby is Massachusetts where it will cost you a bundle of cash to raise that bundle of joy...first year cost $33,495! The other states in the top five are familiar...they are the most expensive pet states too, California, Washington D.C., New York and outlier Alaska.  Connecticut is 6th and Washington State is 12th at $26,438 to support junior in Year One.

If the goal is to have both babies and pets while saving as much money as possible, then Kentucky is the state for you.  It's the cheapest for pets and third least expensive for kids at $17,363.  Lowest cost to raise a child is Alabama at $16,072...less than half of what it costs in Massachusetts!

Takes cash to be an East Coast Elite with kids and a Fur Baby!

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