Each family has its own way of handling finances when it comes to how the kids obtain what they need and want. Maybe you have them on an allowance or while they attend school, maintain good grades and participate in extracurricular activities you foot the bill for what they need and want.

Growing up I've always had a desire to make my own money that I could spend on whatever I wanted. I started with babysitting and worked my way up to waitress, then a lifeguard. Not going to lie, the early mornings while I went to school, were occasionally rough. I'd nod off every once in a while, only to be jolted awake by sweet ladies splashing me awake while they caught on gossip and exercise.

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In the afternoons I was either on the swim team, at basketball practice, or playing softball. My brothers had no desire to work while playing sports and the same for my husband, who really is of the opinion that working while in school is not necessary. Truly to each their own but if you're searching for options, you've come to the right place.

But who is hiring 16-year-olds?

City of Yakima

This is a temporary position as a Parks Ballfield Maintenance Worker. A great way to get your foot in the door.

Zullee Mediterranean Grill

With a food handlers permit in hand this is your chance to try your hand at serving. It's fun and a challenge that after getting hired will hopefully have you saying, "opa!"


You'll need to get your CPR certification and take some classes but if it's anything like when I was in High School, there was a course that was offered at the very least. This is an excellent job to begin with.

Rosaures Supermarkets Inc

There are so many departments in a great spot to begin your career


A budding fashionista or home decorator would benefit from a job close to ideas to keep the juices flowing


Serving up your childhood favorites puts you in a great position to eat with nostalgia while learning the ropes of possibly owning your own franchise later on in life. The benefits of working your way up the ladder and the amount of different locations is a fun way to dream big about where you see yourself when your five years!

Taco Bell

Taco's and burritos and so much more, again a chance to work your way up the ladder or learn customer service skills and make some serious cash.


Learn the ropes of customer service and how to read people

American Eagle Outfitters

Learn how a major retailer runs things while figuring out how to fold the American Eagle Outfitters way. You never know what kinds of opportunities come when you start but it's fun to look back at how far you've come!


Retail experience is something that can be used for the rest of your life and if shoes are something you love this is a double bonus.

Hot Topic

This spot has been around for a long time and I don't know what you were about at age 16 but having access and discounts (assuming) to jewelry, shirts, posters, room décor and more will teach you how to manage your money or the lessons in learning self control.

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Panera Bread donating to the community

Panera Bread

This chain would be a great place to work as a first job. Not to mention I bet you get to take home stuff (guessing)

Burger King

The smell of the grill and the chance to start a career that could take you to the very top of the food industry

Jack in the Box

For a growing teenager the $1 menu of this spot is pretty sweet.

Red Lobster

Have you had their Cheddar Bay Biscuits? That's reason enough to apply in my boat.


A great spot to begin your first job

Pizza Hut

Classic taste, classic first job.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Always an option when working for a company that is across the country. The chance to move to a new location, when or if you are interested.

MOD Pizza

A company that loves to give back to the community, be a part of the solution when it comes to hungry people.

Don't hesitate to provide me with more locations that hire 16-year-olds and I will update.

Comprehensive Health Care 

Comprehensive Healthcare currently hiring for multiple positions, including Behavioral Health Specialists, Therapists, Medical Assistants, and Case Managers or Mental Health Workers. Comprehensive Healthcare offers excellent benefits, a supportive and collaborative work environment, and competitive pay.

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