With a nod to Ronald Reagan, there he goes again!  President Donald J. Trump holds another rally, this time in Florida, with predictable results.  The crowd goes wild!

Our Florida blogger buddy Tim Bryce, is a consultant, businessman and political observer and he was in the crowd and says the atmosphere was super charged like for the super bowl!  In his latest column titled "Trump Seals The Deal For DeSantis" Tim talks about the Presidents support for need for a change in the senate.

" President Trump also made a plug for Governor Scott to replace Senator Bill Nelson (D), claiming, “The only time I see Nelson is five months before an election.” He also attacked the senator’s voting record, claiming he had voted for Obamacare, against the recent Tax cuts, and for Sanctuary Cities."

Tim's take on the Tampa audience confirms what we talked bout on the radio show just the other day.  The past stronghold of Democrats is gone.

"To me personally, the most interesting aspect of the evening was the eclectic audience in attendance, representing all walks of life; everything from young to old, blue collar to white. Even though the Democrats claim to be the party of the working people, President Trump has been able to connect to the general public, including steel workers, coal miners, people in manufacturing and construction, farmers, law enforcement, and, of course, the military and veterans. By doing so, he represents a significant threat to the Democrats who are moving towards a socialist agenda. Traditional Democrats should be worried for the future of their party."

To read the rest of Tim's column and check out his past work, look him up at

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