Thanksgiving dinner: T-minus 72 hours and counting as I write this and already of number of my friends are talking about how much they are looking forward to the big meal.  The operative word here is BIG.

The Calorie Control Council (CCC) estimates the main meal alone can be 3,000 calories, with many of us downing another 1,500 calories between appetizers and drinks. (hmmph…lightweights!)

The council estimates the average Thanksgiving meal to consist of some appetizers, turkey, several side dishes, a glass of sweet tea, a slice of pecan pie, and the use of one tablespoon of butter which will run you 3,150 calories and 159 grams of fat. (hmmph…warmups)

This is merely an estimate and your mileage might differ!

Some dieticians recommend you treat Thanksgiving like a normal day and eat your breakfast and lunch before the big meal as this can help you curb the urge to overeat. (hmmph…normal day? I deliciously don’t think so!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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