The 141 Year Old Terrible Tilly Light House in Oregon Is Now For Sale

Tillamook Light House for Sale in Tillamook, Oregon
Geist View via YouTube

The lighthouse in Tillamook Rock, Oregon, is now for sale for 6.5 million dollars!

That's right, you read that correctly, $6,500,000!

Terrible Tilly Lighthouse in the Pacific Ocean for Sale for 6.5 Million Dollars
Geist View via YouTube

If you have ever been to the Oregon Coast, you may have seen or heard about the Terrible Tilly Lighthouse. It is an 18-minute drive from Cannon Beach, but it's not open to the public and it's not easy to get to. Plus, there are some dead people living over there.


The 141-year-old landmark has been battered and withered away by time and the full force of angry Pacific Ocean waves. What the waves are so angry about, who knows, but anyway, the property is now for sale once again. Do you have that kind of money? If so, are you single and ready to mingle because I will put myself out there on the market for you! HA!

Why is it named 'Terrible Tilly'? That's the question I wanted to know. Was somebody named Tilly terrifying people in the waters out there?

Turns out, it's just a name given to it because of the torrential waves that pound the rocks protecting the old building. It was built in 1881. Wow, that seems a lot farther away in time than it actually is, doesn't it?

Can you picture workers bracing the brunt of the ocean trying to build this thing or being one of the people asked to be stationed living and working up there in this faraway place?

Imagine living out there now: no UberEats, no next day Amazon shipping available, no scooting over to the neighbor's house for some quick gossip and snacks. You can only get there by helicopter! Yikes. Until the day that I become an evil supervillain that needs an exclusive, hard to find hideout, living at the Terrible Tilly lighthouse would be a hard pass from me.


I tried to find the real estate listing for the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse but couldn't find anything. It is likely a private listing that us commoners can't find. Ha! I would personally buy it if had some of that Dominque Deveraux from Dynasty kind of money! I would use it to house all of my furs and go there when I'm feeling particularly angry to match the mood of the ocean waves.


Check out the gallery of the outside of the Terrible Tilly Lighthouse and other gorgeous lighthouse views below.


Built in 1881, this lighthouse has been permanently closed to the public for years. The owner is now putting it up for sale for millions of dollars. Would you buy this place if you had the cash?

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