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Ag News: Trump Support
Farmers facing fewer choices for profitability, many are standing firm in their support of the President. Trump has supported farmers with tax reform and a farm bill,
Subcommittee Rejects Trump Ag Cuts; China Beef Celebration
**The House Appropriations Committee’s agriculture and energy subcommittees approved bills that reject most of the cuts sought by President Trump. The bill approved by the panel’s ag subcommittee would still cut discretionary spending at USDA, the Food and Drug Administration and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission by $876 million from fiscal 2017 levels...
CAFOs Expanded; Glyphosate Carcinogen in California
**A court ruling significantly expands the number of concentrated animal feeding operations that will have to report air emissions from animal waste. On Tuesday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals found illegal a 2008 rule exempting all but the largest CAFOs from reporting releases of hazardous substances, like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, above certain levels...
Ag’s Dickens’ Moment; Trump’s Agenda to Congress
The leader of America’s biggest farm group says U.S. agriculture is experiencing something of a Charles Dickens moment, benefiting from what he called the “the best times” while dealing with the “worst” of times. American Farm Bureau Federation’s Zippy Duvall says the new Trump administration and the 115th Congress are contributing to the best of times with their appetite for regulatory and tax re