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Climber Rescued After Falling Into Crevasse on Mt Rainier
MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. (AP) — A climber is in the hospital after being rescued from a crevasse on Mount Rainier.
Mount Rainier National Park officials say three people climbed the mountain on Saturday and were descending on skis and snowboards when a 24-year-old female fell about 100 feet…
Mount Rainier Mudflow Warning System to be Upgraded
SEATTLE (AP) — Officials plan to upgrade a volcanic mudflow warning system for Mount Rainier.
Scientists say the upgrades could detect trouble sooner and give southeastern Puget Sound residents more time to evacuate.
Scott Heinze of Pierce County's emergency-management department tells the Seattle Tim…
Climbers Survive 2-day Storm Near Top of Mount Rainier
MOUNT RAINER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. (AP) — Two climbers used skills, smarts and a shovel to survive two days of blizzard conditions near the summit of Mount Rainier.
The News Tribune reports the men found themselves trapped on June 17 when the weather took and sudden and dramatic turn for the wor…
Couple Quits Jobs Aims to Visit All 59 National Parks
SEATTLE (AP) — A couple trying to visit all 59 national parks in one year is in Washington this week. They are planning to visit through 40th, 41st and 42nd parks: visiting Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic national parks.
KING-TV reports Cole and Elizabeth Donelson started planning and…
Crew Successfully Recovers Body of Mount Rainier Climber
SEATTLE (AP) — Crews have recovered the body of a Norwegian climber caught in a storm on Washington's Mount Rainier over the weekend.
Mount Rainier National Park officials say four rangers climbed to the unresponsive man at 10,600 feet Wednesday and worked with a helicopter crew to recover…
Endangered Fisher to be Reintroduced Into Cascades
SEATTLE (AP) — A weasel-like predator that disappeared from Washington state decades ago will soon be reintroduced to the Cascade Mountains.
Wildlife officials are preparing to re-establish fishers into Mount Rainier and North Cascades national parks and surrounding areas over the next several …
Stranded Snowboarders Reunited with Their Families
SEATTLE (AP) — Two snowboarders who spent two nights stranded on Mount Rainier have been reunited with their families.
Park spokeswoman Lee Snook says Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale didn't appear to have frostbite or other injuries when rescuers reached them around 11 a...

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