Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson Owner/ASE Master Technician Brady Johnson is the Owner/ASE Master Technician and has been in the industry for 15 years. Brady knows that in order to properly repair and maintain today's vehicles, the modern technician has to be educated on the proper procedures, parts, and fluids to be used...
Auto Maintenance FAQs
Why is vehicle maintenance so important? Putting gas in the tank and checking the oil are just the beginning of proper car maintenance. Your car is an major investment that you will want to protect with regular scheduled maintenance. Effects of improper maintenance can range from being stranded alongside the road or even up to encountering a potentially lethal safety concern What can proper vehicl
Proper Fluids
"The Importance of Using the Proper Fluids in Today's Modern Vehicles" By The Auto Repair and Maintenance Expert Part 1: Engine Oil The automotive industry has changed drastically since I started about 15 years ago. As with everything else in today's world, the technology used in your car today would have been unthinkable a mere decade ago...