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Why Trump Won; Refined Mexican Sugar
Donald Trump is headed to the White House because he upset Hillary Clinton in the “outstate” sections … counties beyond the metropolitan areas in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The 50 electoral votes in those five states, all carried by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, provided Trump the margin of victory, according to “The Outstate Effect,” a newspaper by political analyst Michae
55 Percent of Farmers and Ranchers Support Trump, Agri-Pulse Poll Finds
Agri-Pulse, one of the most trusted farm and rural policy sources in Washington, D.C., conducted a new nationwide poll from Oct. 15-18 on how farmers and ranchers will vote in the presidential election. According to the poll's findings, 55 percent of those surveyed say they'll support Donald Trump, while 18 percent are throwing their support behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton... Read Mor
Increase of Land Values Cuts Profit Margins; Candidate Opposes TPP
Monday’s Farmland Rental Report by Rabobank's Sterling Liddell stated that affordable cropland isn't just something that could improve producer margins; it's something that is an absolute necessity, Land valuations and rental rates need to be decreased over the course of the next two years to compensate for decreased commodity prices and tighter profit margins...

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