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Ag News: Planting Window Worries
Nerves are high as corn farmers near the close of their optimal planting window, May 20th, on average, with many wondering how long it might take to catch up, or if they can.
Ag News: Milk Labeling Survey
A survey shows consumers wants the FDA to enforce existing regulations and prohibit non-dairy beverage companies from using the term "milk" on their product labels.
USDA Names State Directors; Birth to Burger Program
The appointment of state directors for the Farm Service Agency and for USDA's Rural Development programs have been announced. Ag lenders are recommending further adjustments as farmers prepare for another year of tight margins. A sustainability acceleration project using RFID technology tracks…
Short Term Spending Bill and Japan Approves TPP
The Senate passed a short-term fiscal 2017 spending bill to avert a government shutdown and then gave final congressional approval to a water projects bill that includes drought relief for California farmers.
The new measure, which the Senate approved 63-36 about 11 p...

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