farm income

Ag News: Net Farm Income Down
Farm income will drop to $59.5 billion, the lowest since 2006. Lenders don’t expect to see a repeat of bankruptcies that led to the 1980s U.S. farm crisis.
NFU Talks Ag Slump and Mexican Grain Imports
Market prices are down steeply from the commodity boom that ended in 2013. Buying U.S. farm commodities, making countries like Brazil and Argentina much more attractive to Mexican importers if the NAFTA talks fail, which would see higher cost. Fraudulent labeling continues to be a problem with orga…
Farm Foreclosures Feared; Monsanto Dicamba Complaint
Bankers are expecting an increase in farm loan foreclosures. Arkansas Ag officials are being sued due to a proposed ban on a weed killer linked to widespread crop damage. an increase in farm loan foreclosures is expected by some bankers. Cargill is expanding, signed an agreement to buy Diamond V.
Grain Opportunity In Brazil; Lindsay Corporation 3Q Down
Lower yields in South America bring the opportunity for expanded U.S. grain exports. The lower forecast for Argentina and Brazil leaves to door open to buyers who traditionally purchase grain from South America. Alvaro Cordero U.S. Grains Council manager says the crop forecast for Argentina and Braz…

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