Ag Productivity by 2050; Budget Without Farm Bill Cuts
The expanding Agriculture productivity is not expanding fast enough to sustainably feed the world by 2050. Fiscal 2018 budget blueprint approved by the House earlier this month included instructions to reduce agriculture spending by $10 billion. EPA abandoning proposed changes to the Renewable Fuel…
Cow Genetics Study; Canadian Wine WTO Violation
EPA and the National Bio-diesel Board disagree on the possible output of gallons of bio-diesel fuel. Research studies cow genetics for better productive and profits and WTO reopen complaints about wine retailing in British Columbia
FDA Approves Heart-Healthy Soy Oil; Beyond Burger Expands
**The Food and Drug Administration has approved a heart-health claim for U.S. soy oil. The approval follows the American Heart Association’s recent confirmation that the fats in soybean oil have benefits for cardiovascular health.
The United Soybean Board says the claim will help U...

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