Lottery winners
PA Images via Getty Images

Do you have a lucky number? I mean a REALLY lucky number?  Lucky as in lotto winning lucky?  I’m no mathematician but it seems on the surface that no numbers should be “luckier” than any other in a totally random system.

However, there are apparently some numbers you can play that raise your odds ever so slightly. Researchers at the online betting platform Jackpot looked at winning lottery numbers from over 1,500 draws across 15 different countries.

Their statistical review revealed that the "luckiest" number was 16, which was drawn 191 times over the past year.  Second luckiest was 22, which was drawn 179 times. Rounding out the top five "luckiest" numbers were: 6, 28 and 37.

On the flip side, the top five "unluckiest" numbers were: 18, 32, 36, 40, 41, and 46.  (Daily Mail)

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