Two days after the arrests of Daisy Valencia and James Long, authorties now have five suspects in connection to a murder in Granger earlier this month. The five are accused of being involved in the deadly beating that killed Jose Manuel Correa. Marcus Torres was arrested Thursday morning. Police say Torres was also the driver who pointed a gun at an officer in Tuesday's shooting involving an officer in Sunnyside. Torres took off after the incident.

Isaac Cruz, Jesse Reyes, and James Long all appeared before a Yakima judge Thursday for first-degree murder and robbery. Daisy Valencia appeared in court the previous day also facing murder and robbery charges. Isaac Cruz is another man police say is involved. He is being held on a murder charge. Cruz was arrested earlier this month for possession of a firearm that authorities believe belonged to Correa. On April 2, Correa's beaten body was found in a drainage ditch near Granger. His car was found engulfed in flames a half-mile away.

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