Yakima Union Gospel Mission officials continue to work to open a new store called Summit Thrift. It's the new Yakima Union Gospel Mission thrift store that was supposed to open on May 1 but there's been a delay. Mission Director Mike Johnson says they're now planning for a June 1 opening. He says the problem and the reason for the delay in opening is the work needed to remove asbestos from floor tiles in the former Rite Aid store at 56th and Summitview.

The work on the outside of the building however isn't being funded by the mission. The building upgrades which include work on the roof and a new coat of paint among many other things is being funded by the building owner. The owner is also constructing a new area in the rear of the building that will make it easier for people to donate items with an improved loading dock area.

Summit Thrift will be in addition to two other thrift stores that are owned and operated by the Yakima Union Gospel Mission. The original Lighthouse Thrift Store on South Front Street and the Lincoln Mission Thrift store located on Lincoln Avenue. Johnson says those two stores generate enough money to fully fund all administrative costs at the mission meaning no salaries or other costs come from donated dollars.
The new Summit Thrift Store on Summitview will help in eventually reaching a goal of using 100% of all donations to clients and programs. Right now that number stands at nearly 90% with some of the donations being used to actually raise more funding to operate the mission.
Johnson says Summit Thrift will operate just like the other stores with items for sale and funding going directly to help in operating the mission and funding administrative costs. Summit Thrift is already receiving donations and is set to open at the new store on May 1.

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